Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wedding Post... Dinner Reception

We are continuing to recap my wedding from earlier this year, mostly in photos taken by Misty Dameron Photography
With hundreds of people at our wedding there was no way Eric and I were going to be able to see or talk to those who travelled to see us get married. At our smaller reception we were able to take a deep breath and say thank you to all of our family. The details my mother and mother-in-law slaved over shone out. The best part was all of the hints at our honeymoon that I never picked up until now. There were post cards to national parks that we used as our guest book and books open to Yellowstone and Zion, where we spent the next week and a half. It was a surprise. 

After such a long day some of our younger family members were a little antsy, so we gave them plenty to do.
My father-in-law cut, aged, and branded all of the centerpieces. Eric and I kept some for chargers or centerpieces. 

Mom and I designed the menu card. Friends form church helped make the food. My bridesmaids and I spent the days before the wedding candying walnuts and making gallons of chimichurrie. Eric ate many pieces of cheesecake while I perfected the presentation. 

Eric and I had our own table and to enjoy the dinner, so our wedding party could sit with their families. My dad built the backdrop we used at both the wedding and reception. While we were on our honeymoon, he and my father-in-law took off the sides and made it into a headboard. 

            My mother-in-law arranged fire pits and smores to draw everyone outside to dance and chat.

Instead of champagne or sparkling cider we used Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, another nod to Eric and I. We toasted...

We danced...

And our guests lit sparklers as we made our grand exit.


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